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Whales are the greatest anywhere you find them! All Alumni members (Granduands of CST, RSUST and RSU) are required to fill the form below to enable the Alumni Association capture their current details for inclusion in Alumni membership list.

Please note that only registered members will have the benefits of receiving updates and information from the Alumni Secretariat.

RSU Alumni Association on Covid-19 Sensitisation and Free Hand Sanitizer Distribution Campaign

Welcome to the Alumni Association

Rivers State University of Science and Technology Alumni Association is here to keep you connected to the University after you leave us. Membership of the Alumni Association is free and open to all former students and staff of the University and its predecessor institutions.

To join the Alumni Association complete the online registration form and let us know what has been happening in your life since leaving the University.

The Alumni Association

The RSU Alumni Association was established in 2004 and we now have over 52,000 members worldwide, with more joining every day. We are here to support you and other former students and staff by celebrating your achievements and keeping you connected to the University, its students and your fellow alumni. 

Your relationship with Rivers State University does not end when you leave the school. We love to hear from you, so please do stay in touch. Join a group

Membership benefits include:

1. Free and regular e-newsletters that keep you up to date with news of the University, its students, and your fellow alumni. Join a group

2. Access to the Find a Friend Service and Message Board, helping you reconnect with old friends. Join a group

3. Social and professional networking opportunities through our reunions and events. contribute on our forum

4. Information on alumni networks and groups operating in your area

5. University gifts and souvenirs

6. Join the Alumni Association – so that you can get all of the benefits of being a Rivers State University of Science and Technology alumnus/alumna.

Rivers State University Alumni Association

Covid-19 Awareness & Free Hand Sanitizer Distribution Campaign by RSU Alumni Association